Hi, this is Mike and Sally’s record of our overland expedition through Europe & Africa.



Monday 17th,

United Kingdom

Mileage: 0

We have actually started. The Weather helped by raining so we would want to travel South. Family and friends wished us well and we drove off into beautiful rainbows. Lets hope that is a good omen!

We first drove to Abingdon to meet the team from Against Breast Cancer the charity that we are fundraising for. These guys are brilliant and are funding an Oxford Fellowship to find a cure for breast cancer – when they succeed this could be adapted to cure other forms of cancer.

Please Please check out their site at:


We have also got a ‘Just Giving ‘  page to raise £10,000 over the next year from donations during the 10 Months of our trip.Please visit:



(Pretty Please)


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“Please be a traveller not a tourist, try new things, meet new people and look beyond whats right in front of you. 

Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in.”

-Andrew Zimmern

Hi we are Sally & Mike.

So far we have had good lives, so good in fact that we have realised the party cant last forever & we should start circulating and try to meet more of the guests. Hello World!

Contrary to some interpretations we are not anybody special . We are just ordinary people -like you (unless YOU are special). We do however like to say yes to oportunities and to take the road less travelled.



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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.